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Gameplans are full-schemes, with personnel & audibles, and specific situational (down & distance) setups from a formation or group of formations. When you run a gameplan, you are getting a group of setups that provide a similar pre-snap look to your opponent but still possess ways to attack anything thrown your way on offense/defense without giving your opponents an easy read.


The ability to disguise your intent is the biggest key when running a scheme. The GG crew takes the hard lab work out of it for you!

Our game plans are brought to you by some of the highest level Madden IQ in the game. Within our game plans you will find HD video tutorials broken down step by step as well as written out step by step. Want to see how to run this play vs cover 4 instead of cover 2? No problem. Choose cover 2 and go to work. Our game plans will be updated from launch of Madden 20 all the way til August 1st, 2021.


NEW in Madden 22, the Gridiron Gameplans Discord Channel is your location to network with fellow Gridiron Gameplans members, ask questions about Vault updates & Gameplans, and gain access to ZAN's weekly 1-hour lab sessions where he will be fielding your questions to all things Madden-related!

This feature was widely requested by GG members in Madden 21, and we're happy to bring it to you in Year 2 of the website!

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The Vault keeps you on top of the “Most Effective Tactics Available (M.E.T.A.)” in competitive Madden. If there's an offensive or defensive scheme that is making the rounds, we'll show you how & why it works – and MOST IMPORTANTLY – how to counter it.


The Vault is updated WEEKLY with 4-5 videos that will either set or counter the new M.E.T.A. in competive Madden!