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Nickel Triple Gameplan Screenshot 2023-09-13 08-44-27.png

Goose's 34 Odd Defense

Consistent pressure on the QB is a staple of Grant "Goose" Shorey's defensive approach. Gridiron Gameplans' co-defensive coordinator brings his ultra aggressive blitzing style to the site with his revolutionary 3-4 Odd defense.

But pay no mind, we aren't running 4 linebackers. We're going to be using corners EVERYWHERE in this defense, not only to amp up the speed of the pressure vs. standard LBs, but also to improve this defense as an elite coverage defense when you choose NOT to send the heat.

This gameplan contains:

  • Depth Chart setup for optimal personnel

  • Unblockable Blitz Setups vs. RB/TE blocking

  • Custom Coverage Shells vs. Bunch, Trips, Tight, and Undercenter Formations

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